The world’s changing, we’re changing the school

We are network of primary and secondary schools where we prepare students for future challenges - for the modern world which is full of changes and opportunities. Children develop their creativity and discover their own strengths and weaknesses. They learn to assume responsibility for their own choices, their learning and the world around them. We want our students find true joy in learning.


Competencies for the future

Students learn to take responsibility, make decisions, and act even in uncertain situations. These skills are valued more than encyclopedic knowledge.

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All-encompassing subject content

The majority of learning occurs through experiential exposure where students engage in hands-on experiences.

Seeing mistakes as opportunities

A conscious eort and adequate space is given to each student to promote their learning from their own mistakes.


Desire to learn and explore is innate. Students can influence what and how they learn. Each student can choose his or her pathway to pursue their goal.

Providing feedback instead of marks

Diversity and individual talents are the respected norm instead of comparisons between each student. Each child’s progress is carefully followed, recorded and evaluated accordingly.

Creating a safe and informal environment

Together with the students we take responsibility for ourselves and for the world around us. Together we create rules which we all then follow.

Connecting school with everyday life

Hands-on experiences outside from the school building are often used to connect students to real-life situations. Inspiring guests are invited.

Our 8 competencies for the future - the aim of our schools

Learning is a lifelong process. It is a journey. Our eight competencies show where we aim to lead students of ScioSchools (ScioŠkola). How each of them succeeds will certainly vary. Our job is not to chooose their path for them but to help each one of them overcome obstacles and encourage them to find strength and courage to get as far as possible on their journey. The more we advance in this eort, the better o we and our children will be in the 21st century.

Ondřej Šteffl
founder of ScioSchools (ScioŠkola)

8 competencies for the future

1. I manage and drive my own learning

The world will become more and more complex. I want to be a lifelong learner and concurrently take change as a challenge and an opportunity to learn.



2. I choose what i allow to enter my mind

We are showered with information. It is impossible for our brain to handle such a great amount of data. Through this vast amount of information, I want to learn how to recognize and pick only the information which is relevant, important and useful.

3. I understand myself

It is us who are the sole and lifelong guides of our lives. I want to understand myself and I want to be able to rely on myself at all times.

4. I endure uncertainty, failure and stress

In my life I will often be asked to make decisions under pressure and often under uncertainty. I will face my own mistakes as well as those of others. I want to prepare for uncertainty and to work on increasing my resilience.

5. I build and maintain good relationships

Good relationships with family and wider circles of people have been, are and will continue to be essential for a fulfilling life. Their importance in the ever-changing future will grow even further.

6. I act morally and stand up to evil

I want to lead a meaningful life and that means being useful to those around me and to society as such.

7. I co-create the future of the world

The future will be as good as I make it. Everyone has a share of responsibility for the future in the world. Everyone can contribute to solving its problems.

8. I am in control of my life

I can hardly lead a meaningful, fulfilling and happy life if I am a victim of circumstances. I want to be able to make independent and educated decisions, to plan, to cope with potential issues and to bring things to a successful completion. I want to be able to face difficulties without being afraid.

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About us

ScioSchools (ScioŠkola) were founded by Scio, a company dedicated to innovation in education since 1995. Over the years, Scio has had a major impact on a wide range of areas of the Czech education system.
The first ScioSchool (ScioŠkola) was established in Prague in 2015. It’s innovative concept immediately captured the attention of both parents and educators. This resulted in a quick expansion. In 2023, our network encompasses 19 schools all across the Czech Republic. This includes three upper secondary (high) schools and two unique location-independent schools called expedition schools. We are certain that our network is going to expand even further in the years to come.
In the Czech Republic, the ScioSchools (ScioŠkola) have become a respected alternative to public schools. It serves as an inspiration to many other alternative schools in the country.

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